Frequent Asked Questions

How to open an account at iGRAFIC?

Contact us through our customer service phone 902 186 001 or via e-mail

How I can know if my work will look good?

Before you print your work will receive a PDF to verify the result of your work before giving the final order of printing.

Can you design a business card or brochure?

Yes, we have our own studio IGRAFIC design.

Customer Telephone 902 186 001 or via e-mail

How I can send my job to print on-line, if "weighs" much?

You can download your files directly through our website, via e-mail or send a CD / DVD.

When will I receive my work?

When calculating your budget you will find 2 options: normal and urgent. You yourself can select the delivery date that suits you. Delivery times vary depending on each type of work.

What is the minimum number of copies that I have to print?

From 1 copy to thousands. We have machinery Offset and Digital Printing to suit your needs at the best price.

Can I work with IGRAFIC if I am not a graphics professional?

We serve all types of clients: publishers, advertising agencies, graphic design studios, marketing departments of small and large companies, copy shops and even other traditional printing.

Why is it so important to send the works in PDF format?

The PDF format is a "universal" that provides many advantages when it comes to "move" a document out of a PC / MAC specific. With Acrobat PDF, your job is sent in a single file that is already optimized in size and has embedded all the fonts, images, graphics and so on. It also provides production speed advantages in minimizing errors and streamlining the prepress process. The print quality is as good as in native format as long as they do with the correct settings.

What if my job goes wrong (or differently than I expected)?

If you find an error introduced by us in your work or finishing defect, we will repeat your work for free (from the same original document). But remember that no guarantee can cover mistakes or inexperience of unprofessional design.

How sending successfully a document for optimal printing?

These are good rules:

  • Whenever possible, turn in your work in PDF format.
  • The document should include mandatory (3 mm per side).
  • The images must be high resolution (300dpi) and CMYK.
  • Embed fonts or typefaces to create the PDF, or must attach to your work.
  • Do not make any imposition or replicated pages (we do).
  • If it's a book, keep in mind the size of the spine in your design and if you want to put text on the back, must measure at least 8mm.
  • We recommend you do a test print with your printer to check for errors. (Remember, never the same what you see on screen and what you get, especially the colors.)
How do I have to pay?

Through credit card, Pay Pal, bank transfer and if you print regularly, you can open an account iGrafic to facilitate our business relationship.

What if I do not know how the job properly prepare to send it to print?

In IGRAFIC help you through our customer service phone 902 186 001 or via e-mail to solve all your doubts.