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Green inks

Besides the advantages and convenience of online service quality and highly professional work, you can also perform iGrafic your impressions contributing to the protection of the environment.

Green inks

Besides the advantages and convenience of online service quality and highly professional work, you can also perform iGrafic your impressions contributing to the protection of the environment.

iGrafic use environmentally friendly inks based on natural oils of vegetable origin. These inks have been developed with the intention of minimizing the environmental impact posed by printing processes, minimizing also the percentage of chemicals in the products used.

Green vegetable dyes have a similar composition to that of the traditional red, but with one important difference: Mineral oils are replaced in most vegetable oils. These inks can reduce significantly the production of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are a source of contamination resulting from the use of traditional inks. In addition, by not mineral oils, solvent required the use of inks has a minimum level of toxicity, and comes from renewable resources in a 80/85%, thereby reducing the use of mineral resources petrochemicals.

One more reason to trust your print jobs iGrafic. The quality assured by the green ink is equal to that of traditional inks. IGrafic choosing, you choose to respect and protect the planet we live on.

Certified papers

In iGrafic bet on the papers they produce less impact on the environment.

In today's market, there are papers produced respecting the environment distinguished by their exceptional quality and great diversity. FSC and PEFC certified papers.

Many reputable manufacturers offer recycled papers and are able to meet all requirements.

There are several definitions for the role according to their environmental characteristics:

To manufacture have been used as raw materials:

  • recovered fibers of paper or post-consumer (waste paper and used).
  • recovered fiber paper or pre-consumer (of cuts generated have not been used in the production process of paper, printers, etc).

Chlorine-free paper (TCF)
Made from virgin fiber for which, in the process of bleaching pulp using chlorine alternatives such as oxygen or ozone. The paper is called "totally chlorine free" (TCF, Totally Chlorine Free).

In the manufacturing process have taken steps to avoid environmental impact. The criteria that mark whether a paper can be considered based on ecological environmental impact of product life cycle that includes an analysis of the use and consumption:

  • natural resources and energy
  • emissions to air, water and soil
  • the elimination of waste and noise and odor production during the extraction of raw materials
  • production of material
  • distribution, use and final destination as waste.

FSC Paper
Paper certificate which certifies that the wood it is made has the product that comes from forests managed according to the criteria of the "Forest Stewardship Council" which include among other things measures of sustainable forest management in ecological, social and economic.

Green technology

The latest edition of 'Guide to greener electronics', the Greenpeace report on the environmental impact of technology products, rewards the efforts of Apple and, most recently updated, including those of Hewlett-Packard (which, after negative notes received in the previous report, the market has been a computer completely free of PVC).

'Guide to greener electronics' is an assessment of use of non-toxic and eco-friendly by the 17 largest companies worldwide in the production of high-tech electronics. The record of the background reports, and related news, show clearly that Greenpeace campaigns get information policies influence production of these large companies.

In many cases, making Greenpeace is check that the companies really meet the environmental goals to declare themselves wear. For the computer industry, the latest report tells us that Apple and HP do they perform, and provides all the information on their efforts for eco-compatible technology.

iGrafic good news, since we use Apple computers and HP digital printing technology. And good news for everyone, it shows that consumer information, if correct and transparent, has positive consequences for all involved: companies, users, and the same planet.

For more information about ‘Guide to Greener Electronics’: